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Education Essays – Academic Ghost Writing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The essence of academic writing and that of the ghost writer’s skill is found in research and the intuitive nature of discovery and investigation. Each project is different and challenging, requiring a different skill

Examining four principles of Record Keeping
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In 2009 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (known as the NMC) issued revised guidelines entitled: Record Keeping: Guidance for Nurses and Midwifes…

Study of the book something to declare
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The purpose of analyzing the book of essays Something to Declare by Julia Alvarez is to establish the differences between Dominican and American …

Writing An Essay At Tertiary Level
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Academic writing, like all forms of communication, is an act of identity: it not only conveys disciplinary ‘content’ but also carries a …

Technology: Killing Our Ability Of Writing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: As the technology advanced, people have changed the way of how they write. Haimran Julka, an article writer of The Economic Times mentions that there…

Guide To Rudyard Kipling And If English Language Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: A son, a brother, a husband, a father, a writer… Rudyard Kipling. Rudyard Kipling was called, by some, one of England’s best short story writers and this is how it all began (Rudyard Kipling)….

The Reluctant Fundamentalist | Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a novel by Mohsin Hamid, young celebrated writer who had very intricately woven the story around a young …

Impact of WW1 on Ernest Hemingway’s Poetry
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: Hemingway’s sixty-two years were packed with excitement. Living through adventure after adventure, he told stories of his life and love on jungles…

Law Essays – Legal Funding Service
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In 1951 legal aid was introduced to help individuals who could not afford legal assistance. It quickly became very popular

Management Essays – Lateral Thinking
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Management Essays – Lateral Thinking – Lateral thinking method is apprehensive with creation of new ideas that is a procedure and readiness…

Marketing Essays – B2B Marketing
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Marketing Essays – B2B Marketing – When marketing managers are asked if a particular tactic will produce the desired results, their…

Social Policies Poverty And Social Exclusion
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This essay will discuss ‘Poverty and social exclusion’. There will be a brief explanation of the terms that will be used throughout the essay. …

Feminine Sensibility Of An Immigrant Woman
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Sensibility reflects the sense of ability to feel or perceive. It also depicts the refined awareness and appreciation in matters of feeling. The…

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